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using the latest equipment

and technologies.

Unique among Connecticut injection molders, MPS Plastics is the premier New England custom injection molder specializing in injection molds, insert molding, plastic molded parts, product design, plastics engineering, tool making, mold making, finishing, and CAD/CAM.  

MPS Plastics is a full-service custom injection molder providing:

  • product design

  • injection molding

  • tool making

  • finishing

  • mold making

  • assembly

And we perform with a dedicated customer service that encompasses:

  • unparalleled personal attention

  • fast, competitive job quotes

  • on-time delivery

  • fast turnaround times

  • extensive engineering collaboration

Whether you are an engineer, purchasing agent, inventor, or someone who simply requires custom plastic injection molded parts...

MPS Plastics molds your concepts into products!

ISO 9001:2015 certified

International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR) certified


In house mold desing and tooling.  The latest version of Solid Works
Design and Planning

At MPS Plastics, all product design, tool and mold making, injection molding, assembly, and finishing

are in-house processes.

From start to finish, we closely monitor the progress of your project, ensuring problem-free production and on-time deliveries.

With twenty year’s experience solving even the most complicated design challenges, our engineering team consists of seasoned professionals. We welcome the opportunity to share our expertise and work closely with your designers…so close that you

can consider us an extension

of your own team. We believe such relationships foster trust

and respect, both of which are essential to our business philosophy.

To produce great work, MPS Plastics engineers rely not only on their own experience and talent, but also on state-of-the art equipment and software. SOLIDWORKS, CADKEY, FASTCAD, Virtual Gibbs…all speed the design phase. And the faster your product is designed, the faster it is ready for production.

For a free, no obligation quote,

why not send us your CAD drawings via e-mail to, or send a hard-copy blue print or file-on-disk?

Plastic injection mold.  In house tool making mold building

Some injection molders do just that…inject molds. Here at MPS Plastics, however, we manufacture your molds and all auxiliary tooling in-house. If you need to make a sudden change, no problem.

You have access to the expert toolmaker and engineer responsible for your project because everything is here at MPS Plastics.

Our fully equipped Tooling Center, which includes high-tech CNC milling equipment and EDM machines, offers you the utmost

in quality, precision, and flexibility. Once the computers, CNC and EDM machines have finished their work, MPS Plastics toolmakers then take over and apply the finishing touches, thoroughly checking

every detail.

MPS Plastics recognizes that not every project requires a complex, high-volume, and therefore expensive tool. That’s why we are willing to produce limited-life molds, mold inserts, and soft molds.

In fact, we encourage it if it’s best

for the project. Because it makes sense, and prevents you from squandering scarce financial resources. COST EFFECTIVENESS is an integral part of our business philosophy.

Finally, we are pioneering

a cost-saving technique we call

"time-share" molding.

Contact our Plant Manager at to find out if this technology can help you save money.

New injection molding machine

No doubt about it, injection molding is MPS Plastics’ forte.

Our experience with virtually all thermoplastics, ranging from commodity grades up to exotic, high-performance, engineering grades renders projects other companies might find difficult practically routine for us. Also,

this experience with diverse plastics, from ABS to Zytel, matches our experience with diverse industries, as we have served the automotive, biomedical, telecommunications, and consumer industries…among others. If you are interested,

we will gladly provide references.

At MPS Plastics, our array of equipment includes machines ranging from 28 tons to 550 tons, and can handle shot sizes as small as 0.10 ounces and as large as 84 ounces. That represents a lot of flexibility with regard to part size.

Finally, once your product is ready for production, we’ll do short, medium, or long runs…whatever

it takes…to help you get your product to market. And that includes finishing and assembly.

For more information about the

turn-key custom injection molder you have been looking for, contact MPS Plastics




MPS Plastics Inc.  351 North Main Street Marlborough CT 06447

With its focus on customer service, MPS Plastics is the custom plastic injection molder you have been searching for.

For the past 40 years, we have been located in Marlborough, Connecticut, which is a 15-minute drive from Hartford, the state’s capital.  MPS Plastics’ customers come to us not only from New England, our base and a bastion

of mold-making tradition, but also from every region of the United States. 

And, as our clients have grown, so have we. In 2005, MPS Plastics built a 5,000 square foot addition onto its existing 20,000 square foot facility, and our company operates around the clock.  Finally, we are adding another CNC machining center, our fourth, to our array of modern equipment.

Please contact us with your comments or for more information by e-mailing the Sales Manager at

Thank you for spending time on our site.


A Few Samples 


To send a quote, please contact Plant Manager Rich Kos. 

You can send your drawings as attachments to your e-mail

in any of the following formats:

To help us expedite your quote, please attach a two-dimensional drawing of your part (if you have it available)

with any three-dimensional models you send us.

Telephone:.............(860) 295-1161 

Fax:.......................(860) 295-9520

Mail:......................MPS Plastics

                              351 North Main Street

                              P.O. Box 59

                              Marlborough, CT 06447


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For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call:  (860) 295-1161or fill out the following form

Thanks for submitting!

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Head Office

351 North Main Street 

P.O. Box 59

Marlborough, CT 06447


Richard Kos

Tel: (860) 295-1161

Fax: (860) 295-9520

Request a quote: 

Richard Kos

Job Opportunities:
Now Hiring
Maintenance Light Duty Part Time
1st 2nd and 3rd. Shift Mold Tech/Processor Full Time
CNC operator 1st shift
Mold Maker 1st shift 

Phone: 860-295-1161 ext.1113
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